It is so unusual
I don't know why Mary told me about her plans for weekend. I thought I would be in charge of everything. anyway..I am happy because I have the most interesting work in the world and even my lazy sister is jealous. I am looking forward to watch Oscar show. I wish Tree of life will get the prize. Tomorrow I am going to visit Dave. He is a nice guy)  But now I want to play Foreign Dreams at   Wish all of my readers goodluck*

Today I am very tired and going to do NOTHING!!! Just relax with the new game Spooky Mall. I haven't played it yet, but Fred says it is great. 
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Hard Day
I had so much to do yesterday. It is even hard to imagine. All that work stuff and some people just drive me crazy. But today I won't think about all that trifles. On Monday I will surely try to ignore some people and I hope it will help. 
My cat is very scared of all my quests. Don't know why and it is really very funny. 
Hope that all my troubles will go away while I will be playing some new games at
The new games are great. I am sure everyone will enjoy them.
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Nice people
Today I am very happy. Not only bacause I have just eaten a huge piece of cake)) but also because the weather is great. I feel fine. Today  I went for a walk with mfriend Maria. She is so nice and told me so many interesting things. By the way, she is also a fan of computer games at Hope that Sarah and Jill will like her too. 

I wish everyone to be healthy and wealthy in 2012.

nice picture, isn't it?

I feel happy because of these holidays
Now I have some free time and I feel really happy. My friends are there. Even Roger..I hope he will stay for a while. All the problems are away and I am waiting for New Year and play my favorite game Snowy: Treasure Hunter 3 at

My first post
It is great when you can share your thoughts with others, isn't it? 


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